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Storage containers for art and craft


The Story of Just A Thought

Just A Thought proudly opened in October 2020 in a small city in Colorado.

Like many others, the moment I received my Cricut, I just wanted to make anything and everything. I started out small: a father's day card, a flower for my mom, a cake topper, a birthday card for my husband. Then the requests started coming in from none other than my husband for his hobby, rocket launching. Can you make this for me? Can you design this? When you have a moment, can you cut this out of cardstock or vinyl?

Slowly I started gaining confidence in my abilities. I set up a room in the house that could be just for me, to think, to design, to test, and cut. In between designing for rockets, I thought about things I wanted to make to challenge myself. I started out folding construction paper to a certain design, writing down measurements and finally drawing it up in Inkscape and cutting it out on the Cricut. I decided I liked designing and sharing my ideas.

The moment that made me decide to share my ideas was when I cut out the lily flower, colored it and showed my mom. My mom loves flowers of all kinds and her face lit up when she saw it. That smile was all I needed to know that maybe, just maybe, this flower could bring a smile to someone else.

I hope these designs are fun to make and may you bring many smiles to others. Happy crafting.

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