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Getting started after buying a file

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Okay, so I bought one of your files, now what?

In a nutshell here's are the simple steps

1) Load design

2) Change line types

3) Attach

Step 1: Load Design

Let's load it into Design Space! Start a new project and hit the "Upload" button on the left hand panel. Select the "Upload Image" button and either search for the file on your computer or drag it from the location to the screen. Enter in the information as you'd like, Image Name, Tags, etc and hit the "Save" button.

Now it should show up in your Recently uploaded images section. Select the image and hit the "Insert images" button. It will then load to your canvas screen on Design Space.

Here's where it gets a little tricky, but manageable. I do all my files the same way so once you get the hang of it, it'll be easy to do from here on out.

When you upload a design into Design Space, it'll all come in grouped. You will have to ungroup once to get all the individual groups. Each individual group is a piece of the design. Now let's talk about colors.

Step 2: Change line types

Dark Green - base color of all pieces. The colors do not have to stay dark green and you can cut them out in whatever color you would like.

Now we're going to look at line types. Currently I use Score, Deboss, and Draw. To know what line type you're going to need to change it to, you look in at the color in the line type. I'm going to repeat this many times so get used to it.

Under the linetype you'll always see "Cut", cut is default. However, you'll need to use the following key to change it to the right type.

Light Blue - Cut

Red - Score

Yellow - Draw

Pink - Deboss

Next to the word "Cut", the box is red. So this line should be converted to a score line and not a cut line. Go through each line in your layers panel and change the type to the appropriate linetype.

To know what line type you're going to need to change it to, you look in at the color in the line type.

Step 3: Attach

Once all the lines are changed, it's time to attach things together. Every item comes in grouped together already. Next step is to go through all the grouped items and hit attach. That way the design stays with the correct item. And that's it! Double check to make sure it's the right size you want it and hit "Make It"

If you're still having problems understanding, check out this blog that goes through a file step by step.


There's no right way to assemble one of these projects. I can tell you how I would assemble them, but it doesn't mean it's the right way. The first thing I always do after cutting something out is fold all the score lines. After folding all the score lines, if I'm building a box, I always fold and glue the base first. Then build up, with a strong base the rest will follow.

Happy Crafting.

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