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Glue - less is more

A lot of what I make involves folding and gluing. Why? I've always been a fidgety person, my hands need to be doing something. Watching tv? Working on a cross stitch. Sitting in a car? Folding origami paper. Waiting for an appointment? Cross stitching in the waiting area.

So when I design the items that you see on the website, I test, and test, and test. My process usually involves, grabbing a piece of construction paper and folding it to what I'm thinking. Once I like what I see, I then take measurements. I then try again on construction paper with the proper measurements and see if it looks good. Once it passes that test, I move on to designing on a computer. I test it out to make sure it transfer over to Design Space and I cut it out. Sometimes I can get it nicely on the first two times. Others, I have to keep tweaking until I like it. The pumpkin? Took about 20 iterations. The house? 4 iterations. It just depends.

But the one consistent thing that I've used is the same glue. If you go to a crafting group on Facebook, there are many questions that are consistently asked. What glue did you use. What I learned after watching many hours of Youtube and trial and error is, each glue will work if you use less. My tip is, apply your glue and use something like a pinky finger or a stick and spread your glue. That way your glue won't clump up in one spot and look funny on the other side. You never want your glue to ooze out of one side, make sure you're using a little and spread it out. I've used many types of glue until I found one that I liked, Tombow Aqua Glue.

No this blog is not sponsored by Tombow (I wish!), I just found a glue that works for me. One side has a small tip applicator and the other side has a bigger applicator. I usually don't use the big side too much, but it's there if I need it. Just apply a little, spread with your finger and hold for a little bit. It's usually around $3.67 range and I wait for a sale to buy a couple at a time.

Happy crafting!

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