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Construction Themed Folding Box

Materials Needed

Folding Popup Box SVG

Construction Vehicle Cutouts (Included with SVG)

Paper (I used Paper Studio - White)

Glue (I used Tombow Aqua Liquid Glue)

Step 1 - Load SVG into Design Space

*Note this project was designed in centimeters and not inches, you may need to change your settings to match. To change settings, click on the three lines next to the word Canvas in your upper left hand corner of your screen in Design Space. Go to Settings and change from "Imperial" to "Metric"

The design should load around the following settings. Design Space seems to change the dimensions a little, but overall it should be close.

W: 37.047 cm

H: 17.566 cm

Once the design is loaded, everything is grouped together.

Select everything and ungroup.

Step 2 - Getting box ready

You'll note that after ungrouping you have two new groups. First group is one long piece, the second group is two individual pieces. Which group you decide to use is up to you. I have provided two options depending on what paper size you want to use.

Note: If you decide to use the long piece, please note that you will need paper that's bigger than 12x12. The other option is to scale it down to 29.2cm, which would be best done by locking the dimensions in place and then changing the width to 29.2cm. That'll keep the ratio from width to height the same. If you have a particularly long image, I would suggest using the two pieces.

For this example, I'm going to use the one single piece. The process would be the same for the other group, you would just have to repeat the steps twice. At this point, this is what you should have below. Notice that all the lines have come into Design Space as cut lines. Unfortunately I am unable to set the score lines for you, so you will have to change it.

For all my designs, I use the following color schemes

Dark Green = Base

Red = Score

Light Blue = Cut

Yellow = Draw

Pink = Deboss

For this project, all we need is score and cut.

Let's select the first item in our list (right arrow).

Let's look at the colored box under Linetype, it's Light Blue, so this stays as a cut line (left arrow).

Let's move on to the next item.

The right arrow shows that we're selecting the second item in the layer. The left arrow shows a red box, Red = Score, so let's change this type to score. From the dropdown box, change the linetype from "Cut" to "Score". If there were more items, you'd keep doing this process until you hit the Dark Green line. The next line is the Dark Green line, so we're done and we're ready to attach.

Step 3 - Sizing the box

This box can be used for any image, for me, I used construction vehicles.

Load your images into Design Space and decide how big you want your image to be. The width your image needs to cover half of the base. Make sure that there aren't any pieces that are sticking over the lines that the arrows are pointing to.

Once you're happy with your size, make sure you duplicate your image and flip it horizontally.

Step 4 - Cutting out the box

Once you have the images and the box sized up correctly, you should have one base and two images ready to cut like below. The construction vehicles I did as a print and cut, or you could layer them.

Print and cut

Two vehicles, you need one in each direction

Base, folding box

Size 29.2 cm, the biggest that Cricut will let you go if you want to keep it in a 12x12 page.

If you really want to make it bigger and keep it on a 12x12 page, rotate the box diagonally and you can fit slightly bigger box. However, you'll be using a full sheet of paper.

Step 5 - Folding the box

Once everything is cut out, fold along all the scoring lines for the base.

Now we need to glue three pieces and the box is built.

Add glue to the triangle part as shown below

Then bring the two sides together like below with the triangle going under the piece next to it. Do the same to the other triangle.

Find the little tab on the side and put glue there and bring the box together.

The box should look like this from below

Push in all the pieces so it looks like this.

Now you have a folding box. You can flatten it and pop it back up again.

Step 6 - Adding the decoration

Now it's time to add the vehicles. I like to line up the vehicle along side the box to see where I want it to land. For me, I wanted the vehicle to look like they were driving so I made sure that the box was lined up with the wheels. The cement mixer was a good one to do because it had many wheels for support (the crane truck was a little wobbly). Once lined up, I added glue to the box and placed my vehicle.

Flip it over and place your vehicle on the other side to line up with the first one.

There are two ways of doing this, I found that this way was much easier for me. You can either prefold the vehicle and then line it up with the score line to pop up. Or you can now pop up the box and then gentle make a fold on the vehicle. As shown below, I popped up the box and the vehicle was bending, so I gently folded the fold from the bottom all the way up.

And there you have it, a vehicle folding and popping up box.

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